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New adults - Complete beginners: No assessment required.

Students with some knowledge of French: Before enrolling on a course you are asked to undergo an assessment. You may choose to complete the written section online from our web site: www.afislamabad.org or come to the Alliance Francaise for the placement test. The assessment is an essential procedure that ensures that you are assigned to the level that suits you best.

All classes cover 33 hours of teaching including the final examination

Level 1 MorningLe nouveau Taxi 1AMonday to Thursday10:00am-12:00pm
Level 1 EveningLe nouveau Taxi 1AMonday to Thursday05:30pm-07:30pm
Level 2 MorningLe nouveau Taxi 1BMonday to Thursday10:00am-12:00pm
Level 2 EveningLe nouveau Taxi 1BMonday to Thursday05:30pm-07:30pm
Level 3Le nouveau Taxi 1CMonday to Thursday05:30pm-07:30pm
Level 4Le nouveau Taxi 2AMon - Wed - Fri05:30pm-07:30pm
Level 5Le nouveau Taxi 2BMon - Wed - Fri05:30pm-07:30pm
Level 6Le nouveau Taxi 2CMon - Wed - Fri05:30pm-07:30pm
Semi Intensive Session : Level 1 & 2
1:January3rd January28th January
2:February2nd February29th February
3:March5th March30th March
4:April2nd April27th April
5:May1st May28th May
6:June4th June29th June
7:July2nd July27th July
8:August1st August28th August
9:September3rd September28th September
10:October3rd October31st October
11:November7th November30th November
12:December4th December21st December
Regular Session from level 3 onward
1:January / February3rd January28th February
2:March / April2nd February29th February
3:May / June2nd May30th June
4:July2nd July30th July
5:August1st August31st August
6:September / October3rd September31st October
7:November / December5th November21st December

The rates of our General French course are as follows:
  • For Level-1 one student, the cost is Rs 12,600 per session. Level-2 to Level-6 9,000 per session. Level-7 to Level-12 9,500 per session.
  • The course fees is to be paid before the course begins. These rates are Exclusive of course material.
  • *The course material will be charged Rs 1500 for Level 1& 2. Rs 1300 for Level 3& 4. Rs 1300 for Level 5 & 6.
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