Student testimonials

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The overall teaching method is really great. The teachers make sure to incorporate French language in everything we talk in the class. The teachers puts efforts above and beyond for the students.

- Maham

Excellent experience especially communicating with others in French has been great for me!

Syez Muhammad

French seems easier with Alliance Française. Learning is interactive and cost effective.

- Waseim

I have first hand experienced of observing how AFI’s programs equips the students with required linguistic proficiency. The language curriculum is very engaging which help student to communicate confidently in French language.


AFI simplified the most difficult process of learning this language by providing the students with such hardworking and competent teachers.

- Emaan

AFI’s way of teaching is very encouraging. They have this special skill of taking the best out of students and being very helpful and always available.

- Awais

My experience with AFI was absolutely incredible. I thought the French language was going to be very hard to learn, but with AFI, the language is so much more fun. I would recommend everyone to learn French at AFI.

- Taimur

I can see real improvement in me every day. One of the best decisions of my life was to join Alliance Francaise!

- Gul